A celebration of the culture of La Mancha, the land of Don Quijote de la Mancha and the emblematic molinos or windmills our heroic knight errant mistook for the enemy. Consuegra is right at the centre of Spain’s azafrán or saffron industry, providing about 90% of the country’s production of this wonderful spice. One of the key events is the Monda competition where expert hands separate the stamen from the flower, something that only the deftest of digits can achieve. Children, locals and saffron picking experts from other regions take part in this century’s old chore. Another highlight is the flour grinding in one of Spain’s best preserved medieval windmills where you’ll be able to take home a small bag of flour as a souvenir. A wonderful food festival and showcase of Manchego cuisine, featuring saffron of course, is held in Calle D. Jose Ortega y Munilla, along with parades, exhibitions, singing, dancing and sports competitions. The hot plains of Castile should be cooling down nicely in October too. Photo courtesy of Ayuntamiento de Suegra.


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