I read a very alarming statistic today. 60% of mussels prepared and canned in Galicia are imported from Chile. While I’ve nothing against Chile or the Chilean people, I have to say their mussels are crap compared to ‘Mytilus Galloprovincialis’, the Galician Mussel. Basically it’s ‘more economically viable’ to import Chilean product, add to that the ‘furry hand ‘of the dark forces who wish to limit protected status to live mussels only and the pressure from the acuaculture industry, looking to ‘muscle in’ (sic) on traditional mussel cultivation platforms, we effectively have a signed death warrant for the Galician Mussel, which, incidentally are far to superior to those miniscule things the French produce and adorn with unnecessary pollutants like garlic, white wine and cream, probably because they don’t actually taste of anthing. If you buy canned mussels, make sure you buy the ones featured on this website. Just click on ‘comercializadores’ and then ‘transformadores’ on the left and you will see the brands who have nailed their colours to the mast in support of our friend ‘mytilus galloprovincialis’. The website is in Galician, not Spanish, but that’s neither here nor there.
Viva el mejillón gallego!!