A stroll around the ancient empty streets (at least in February) of Cambados is always a joy, but when one stumbles upon this absolute pearler of a boutique hotel just a few yards from the grandeur of the Praza de Fefiñans, it’s a challenge not to wander in and have a nose around. Not intending to stay the night, I meekly asked the receptionist if we could just sneak a peek. The man couldn’t do enough for us. After introducing us to the charming owner of the establishment, we were given an exhaustive tour of the hotel where we saw a succession of tastefully decorated rooms with the decor accent firmly on the classic with a dash of Laura Ashley thrown in for good measure. Each room was slightly different to the previous one, with georgeously appointed, spacious bathrooms. Just before we left, the owner confided that times were extremely tough for the service sector, though luckily his establishment was already fully booked for the big summer party, the Fiesta de Albariño in August. Hardly surprising, looking at the place. I’m in absolutely no doubt that this will be the place I’ll be recommending to friends in the future. Hotel Real Ribadomar also offers its customers a unique dining experience in the Restaurante Ribadomar, one of the finest seafood eateries in town, offering the best of the bountiful Ría de Arousa, but that will be the subject of another post.


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